Before your next camping trip!

Before your next camping trip!

July 16, 2023

Thinking about going on a trip somewhere soon? Don't forget the first Leave No Trace Seven Principles --- Plan Ahead and Prepare. Here are a few tips to think of as you plan your trip:

Think about what kind of trip you and your group want to go on - nature walk, day hike, extended trip, car camping, tent camping, RV camping, water activity, land activity, etc.

Know your limits - individually and as a group, physically, mentally and emotionally 

Plan your route - time of year, time of day, setting, difficulty level, duration, length, location to the nearest town

Park/site requirements - some places require a permit, food storage, fire regulations, group size, pet rules and regulations

In case of emergency - let someone know where you are going. Use something like the photos below to leave information with someone. Think about how far are you from emergency services/search and rescue. 


Have information on your group and the local park information - have a list of names, phone numbers, addresses anything that would be helpful in case of an emergency.

Double check your gear and Gear Up - lay out the gear you have, make sure it is in working condition. Head out to your local gear shop to restock items.