Consignment Update: June

Consignment Update: June

May 31, 2024

Summer is here! We are accepting all the camping and backpacking we can get our hands on. Top item customers are looking for right now: Rain Gear! Be sure to bring in your rain gear early in the season to get top dollar. We also have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Be sure to read through to the end!

We have  been getting a lot of vintage items At Janky Gear we are rather picky about vintage items because we want to sell items that you can use on your next adventure. You might be curious about how to discern the treasures from the unsalvageable items. Well, it's not as complicated as it may seem.

Vintage gear isn't just about age; it's about history and craftsmanship. When we are selecting vintage items for consignment, we keep an eye out for signs of durability and quality. Items with sturdy construction, premium materials, and reputable brand names known for their reliability resell best at Janky Gear.These are the hallmarks of gear that has stood the test of time and is worth the buy.

However, not all aged gear is worthy of admiration. Be vigilant for signs of wear and tear that may compromise functionality and safety. Rust, tears, mold, and structural damage are red flags that indicate the item may be beyond repair or not suitable for use. Remember, it's better to invest in gear that will enhance your outdoor adventures rather than hinder them. We are quick to turn down gear with visiable wear and tear. We want items that are still able to be used out in the wild.


Lastly, Janky Gear is moving! We will be moving a few blocks to 611 North Broadway, next door to Kismet and Chappies Consingment shops. Be sure to check your inbox for updates and get all the details here. We are excited to be moving to a larger shop and are ready to start this next chapter for Janky Gear. Check out our blog post to get the latest updates on the move!