Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Meditation at Janky Gear

Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Meditation at Janky Gear

November 12, 2022

Janky Gear is teaming up with YMCA of Rochester for a Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Meditation on December 20th from 5:30 to 6:30pm. 
Singing bowl meditation uses the pure tones of quartz crystal bowls to guide the body into deeper states of calm as a person lays or sits quietly. Singing Bowls are a way to feel and maintain a relaxed state of mind, body and spirit.
 “A singing bowl meditation can be a great starting point for those newer to mediation or support those who have a daily practice because the sustained notes serve as anchors for mind chatter,” said Natalie Jo Baker, a Foreverwell coordinator at the YMCA of Rochester. “We are excited to offer to all for free this type of meditation that has proven to help with brain function, memory, and dementia.”
Sound Relaxation. Janky Gear YMCA of the North Winter Solstice

Join us for a night of relaxation with a sound bath. Usher in the new season with intention and a deeper calm. We will start with setting the intention for mediation. There will be 45 minutes of sound relaxation using 528 HZ pure tone crystal bowls. Tea and shopping to follow. This is a free, open to the Public, all-age event. 

What to bring to a sound bath:
    • yoga or camping mat/pad (floor is concrete and will be cold)
    • blanket
    • journal (optional)
    • ear plugs if you have hearing sensitivity

Janky Gear does have some sleeping bags and pads to try out if needed.