Consignment Update May 2024

Consignment Update May 2024

April 28, 2024

Consignors! We are accepting Spring and Summer gear! Customers are getting ready for their outdoor adventures and we want to be sure that your unwanted gear is in the shop for them to buy. Check out the Janky Gear Events Calendar. We have some exciting events and promotions going on in May, which will boost sales!

We are getting a lot of requests for gear, so we have updated our "Hot Sellers" List. Bring in one of these items in and get a Janky Gear wooden nickel, good for 25% off one item. 

Special Note: We are getting in some older items that have some wear, deterioration, and damage. 

- Tents and Rain Gear. Flaking or sticky texture means the fabric treatment is no longer water repellant. Some waterproofing systems give off a sour odor when they have gone bad. Be sure to store your tents in a dry, cool spot. This will help to prolong your gear's life.

- Hiking Boots and Running Shoes. Used shoes can be tough to sell. It's like trying to sell used tires. We are only accepting shoes with close to perfect tread and very little wear. 

- Sleeping Pads. Some older pads may still hold air but the interior foam has broken down and are not sellable. We also test all pads, any inflatable sleeping pads that are found to have holes and are older than 10 years old will be discarded. We will patch some newer sleeping pads that are otherwise in good shape.

Big news! Janky Gear may be moving. Keep checking our website over the next few months for announcements and updates. Fun changes are in our future!!