Consignment Update March 2024 - Accepting Spring/Summer Gear

Consignment Update March 2024 - Accepting Spring/Summer Gear

February 29, 2024

Accepting Spring and Summer outdoor gear and clothing Saturday March 2nd. 

Get ahead of the game this year! Swing by Janky Gear this Saturday, March 2nd, to drop off your Spring and Summer gear you want to sell. Given the odd Winter, we're kicking off the season a tad early. From hiking gear to breathable clothing, we're ready to sell your used warm-weather gear.

Below is a list of items we are looking to accept and sell for the Spring/Summer season. Bring gear in early to ensure your items sell quickly and at full price. 


Bikes and Kayaks 

If you have bikes or large items you want to consign, Please email us at to get on the bike waitlist. We are putting winter items on sale! Once we have cleared out some winter inventory we will have space for large items.

Hot selling spring items at Janky Gear.

Check your gear before you sell.

Here are a few pointers to ensure we can price and cell your items quickly and at the best price point.

- Check pockets and zippers.

- Wash items and make sure your items are free of dog hair.

- Check tents, packs, and rain jackets for water-proofing deterioration.

- Make sure footwear is free of dirt and mud.

- Disclose any flaws or repairs you have made to items when you consign.