Current Job Openings at Janky Gear

Janky Gear is a locally owned consignment outdoor gear shop in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.  We believe in getting people outside affordably and sustainable. Our consignors bring in gently used outdoor gear and clothing, we price, merchandise, market, and sell the items. Once the item sells a portion of the profit goes to the original owner, making us the ultimate local shop. We strive to keep gently-used outdoor gear in the wild.

Inventory Specialist

Janky Gear is seeking an Inventory Specialist.  We are looking for an extrovert who loves interacting with people and outdoor recreation! This is a key holder position that reports to the store owner. Primary function of an Inventory Specialist is to intake, research, and input the consigned outdoor gear that comes into our shop. This specialist will manage gear drop-offs, sign up new consignors, manage the seasonal flow of inventory, and return unsold inventory to consignors. Inventory Specialist must be familiar with outdoor gear and activities.

Experience, Tasks and Duties:

  • Organize, research, and assign prices to consigned goods.
  • Manage gear intake and new consignor agreements.
  • Data entry 
  • Cover other store duties, such as merchandising, sales counter, assisting customers, and cleaning.
  • Manage the return of unsold inventory to consignors.
  • Analyze inventory trends and needs.
  • Add product photos and descriptions to social media.
  • Experience with various outdoor gear.
  • Internet “sleuthing” for information on consigned gear, i.e. manufactured date, prices, etc.

 Preferred Skills:

  • Graphic design skills with Canva.
  • Social media video skills.

Pay and Perks:

  • $15/hour
  • 20 hours/week; Saturday hours mandatory
  • Employee discount of 20%
  • Incentive to bike to work 

How to Apply

Resale Associate 

Janky Gear seeks a Resale Associate with an extroverted personality and a high level of outdoor and gear knowledge. Must have exceptional service to customers and consignors. Responsible for customer service, merchandising, and daily operation of the store. No specific retail experience is necessary. 

Typical Tasks and Duties:

  • Manage checkout counter and point of sale system.
  • Work with customers to answer questions.
  • Organize and create displays/signs for gear and apparel.
  • Hanging, folding, and organizing racks.  Adding new consigned and processed inventory.
  • Daily store cleaning and upkeep.

Preferred Experience:

  • Social media posts
  • Graphic design using Canva.

Pay and Perks:

  • $15/hour
  • 10 hours/week
  • Employee discount of 20%
  • Incentive to bike to work 

How to Apply