Janky Gear for the “non-outdoorsey” person

Janky Gear for the “non-outdoorsey” person

November 26, 2023

I am Paige’s mom, Marlene, and you may have seen me in the shop.  I have very important tasks like watering the plants, sweeping the floor, zipping jackets, and stamping the bags.  I also have “mom” duties like bringing in coffee, doing the dishes in the back room (and at her house), and taking Paige to dinner after work.

I love to be outside but not in that “janky gear” way. I want to visit with friends, take a walk near a lake, eat on a patio, go for a boat ride, and sit in an Adirondack chair and have a glass of wine. And I am not a fan of Winter.

My point here is that Janky Gear has something for everybody.  You don’t have to climb mountains, bike RAGBRI, and camp in the rain to find treasures here.  EVERY TIME I visit Janky Gear I find something to buy.  I have purchased more at Janky Gear than I care to think of.  Binoculars for the bird watching I am going to do.  Tote bags. A picnic basket (or 2) and a wool picnic blanket for those outdoor concerts in the summer. A “Janky Gear” t-shirt and a “Stay Janky” sweatshirt. (You have to sport the gear when your daughter owns the store).  A day pack for that ferry ride to Madeline Island. Shirts for Paige’s brother who is a DNR Forester in Wisconsin.

So if you think that Janky Gear is not for you, think again. It’s a thrifty treasure hunt for unique, gently-loved items.