Consignment at Janky Gear

The Janky Gear Consignment process is pretty easy. We take gear anytime we are open, for the exception of the last week of the month. We will go through your items and see if it is a good fit for Janky Gear. If you bring in a lot of stuff. We may need to take a day to go through it. We will make an itemized list and let you know if there is gear we cannot accept. 

Below are some helpful documents and the consignment process. We print checks at the end of each month for the gear that has sold. You can pick the check up in the shop or we can mail it to you. You can text, email or call the shop to see if your gear sold.

You can also check you Consignor Login on our website. Your username and password will both be the email that you used on your consignment agreement. Items that have sold will be listed in the portal, but the list clears once a check has been printed. A running total can be seen at the bottom.

Check out these documents.

1. Accepted Clothing Brands

2. Accepted Gear By Season

3. Consignment Agreement. Feel free to bring this along or fill it out in the shop.

**We do not accept gear the last week of the month.**

[Click here for the Janky Gear Consignor Agreement]