Consignment at Janky Gear

The Janky Gear consignment process is pretty easy. We want to make it easy for you to sell your used gear and keep it in the wild. Here is a step-by-step process of how to consign at Janky Gear. 

Consignment Steps: 

1. Read over the Janky Gear Consignment Agreement

Make sure consignment is the right fit for you and your gear. You can fill this form out ahead of time or fill it out in the shop when you drop your gear.

2. Check over your used gear

Make sure that your gear is on our gear acceptance lists:   Accepted Gear By Season.    Accepted Clothing Brands.

3. Bring gear to the shop. We take gear anytime we are open, with the exception of the last 7 days of the month. 

Come in and drop at the counter. Feel free to browse as we check in your gear.

4. Gear Acceptance

A Janky Gear employee will go through your items to see what we will be able to sell. Gear must be clean and in good working order. We may turn your gear away if it is too dirty; clean gear sells best. Prep your gear for consignment to ensure you make top dollar. We will let you know what we accept and will have you sign your Consignment Agreement. 

Take a look at the Janky Gear Consignment Update, noting the current info on what items are hot sellers and gear we are not accepting.

6. Pricing

Janky Gear will price your gear, get it entered into your consignment account, and get it on the sales floor. Janky Gear will price your gear based on retail price, used online prices, and Janky Gear sales history. 

7. Payout

Once your gear sells, your cut of the profit will go into your account. We can print a check for you anytime upon request or you can use your earnings as store credit. You can track your items by logging into your Consignor Login. Your username and password will both be the email that you used on your consignment agreement. 


Check out these documents: