Open for Consignment

Bring them in anytime we are open and we will go through and see what we can take!

We will not be accepting items December 23-31st.

Check out the link to see what we are looking to sell!

The Janky Mission

2 people on hiking trail at chester woods park. Janky gear hopes to provde affordable gear for the public through recycled gear at Janky Gear.
Provide Affordable Gear
ReUse culture is one of Janky Gear's missions. Janky gear promotes environmentalism because we choose to source our products secondhand from the community.
Promote ReUse Culture
janky gear hopes to get people outside by camping, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, biking, you name it. We consign any outdoor gear available to us by consignment. Image of man standing in front of tent, setting up a camp.
Get Outside
Janky Gear phone number and contact information.