October Consignment Update

October Consignment Update

September 16, 2022

We are accepting Winter Gear starting Oct 1st! It is best to bring gear in early in the season. This will ensure that your items will sell for the best price. If you have downhill ski gear, please read below to ensure your skis meet our consignment requirements.

We are still taking camping and cycling gear, but please understand that it will have a better chance of selling at a higher price in the spring. 

We are no longer accepting wet suites or car racks.

What do we consider Winter Gear? 

  • Jackets, snow pants, bibs. base layers, sweaters, carves, hats, gloves and mittens.
  • Alpine and Nordic skis, snowboards, and equipment.
  • Goggles with no scratches.
  • Snowshoes.
  • Ski/Snowboard helmets that are new and have never been used. Must have helmet tags/packaging.
  • Ice fishing poles, tackle, human power augers.
  • Down sleeping bags.
  • 4 season tents

What we will not accept on consignment:

  • **Downhill skis older than 5 years. Skis must be indemnified by the manufacturer. Older skis are no longer indemnified and will not be serviced by a certified technician.
  • We will not accept 3-pin cross country skis without boots. Boots must be in good condition.
  • Ski/Snowboard helmets that have been worn. Helmets can be damaged without showing any signs of damage on the shell. Janky Gear cannot accept used helmets for safety reasons.