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Janky gear shop photo of sleeping bags on a hanger. Consign your sleeping bags and pads at janky gear today for some extra money.

October 15, 2021

As the weather cools and the season changes, many of us are putting away our summer gear and getting ready for the snow to fly. Storing gear properly is as critical as using it. Improper storage can lead to gear damage. At Janky Gear, we consign and sell gear racks and storage solutions.

Here are some storage suggestions:

Kayak Hoist- Rad Sports Kayak Hoist for sale at Janky Gear $17 (10/15/21)

Store your kayak in your garage or shed using a pulley system, which can hoist your kayak right off your vehicle. Storing your kayak overhead will ensure that the kayak is off the ground and dry.

kayak garage hoist pulley

Vertical Bike Rack- Racor Vertical Bike Rack for Sale at Janky Gear $64 (10/15/21)

Are your bikes in a tangled pile on the garage floor? Check out a vertical bike rack. This rack holds 4 bikes, keeping them elevated, off their tires, with easy access for easy removal. 

Vertical Bike Rack

Sleeping Bag Hangers

The best way to store your sleeping bag is by hanging it! Keep it dry and out of the stuff sack to keep the fabric and insulation from compacting . There are specific hangers to ensure that your sleeping bag is stored properly. Bag hangers are pricey, but it is a necessary investment to keep your expensive bag keeping you warm. Find sleeping bag hangers on amazon. We don't have any used at Janky Gear.

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