Greeting The Season

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December 22, 2021

 The Holiday Season, regardless of who you are, can often be incredibly stressful. That’s in the best of times without a Global Pandemic finding new ways to disrupt our normal traditions. This year, try taking some time to celebrate a different occasion: The Winter Solstice

Now, I will readily admit that this winter will be my first spent in Rochester, or even Minnesota in general. I haven’t experienced the cold or the wind (“Second windiest in the nation according to this website” = My Mom) that Rochester is famous for in the winter. I did however grow up in Idaho and go to school in Colorado. I’ve caught myself from slipping then hoped nobody was watching plenty of times, I get it.

The secret I’ve always found is to embrace the cold and experience the best winter has to offer! Even without the Rocky Mountains I’ve found plenty to do, including right here in Rochester. This winter, I’d like to encourage everyone to get out and greet the season head on. Head off to Welch and try skiing, drive up north and go ice fishing. Heck, do what I did and take the dog for a little hike around Quarry Hill. Whatever it is, chances are some Janky Gear can help get you out there.

 You might even run into us along the way

Stay Janky Rochester, and Season’s Greetings

- Eric 


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