Camping and Wine

Camping and Wine

October 26, 2022

As Janky Gear's Halloween event, Witches and Wine, approaches. We are thinking about the best way to enjoy a glass of wine while camping.

First, make sure you are in a safe location for alcohol consumption. Temperature, elevation, dehydration, and caloric intake are all factors that can affect your bodies reaction to alcohol. Understand the risk. Also, be sure to abide by any rules for the park or natural area.

When choosing a wine for the camping trip the first thing to think of is glass. Glass is not a great option for camping. Transport, cleanup and the cork are all factors when decided what kind of wine to get for the camping trip. The best option: box wine.

The wine bladder out of the box is a perfect solution for camping. It can be packed easily in a backpack. Save space as you drink and a small amount of garbage to carryout. It is recommended to line your bladder with a plastic bag or to line the contents of your pack, incase you puncture the bladder. Another option would be pour bottled wine into a dromedary bag. MSR makes nice dromedary bags that are resistant to puncture.

Ultimately, anything will taste great around a campfire, under the stars. Even wine from bladder.

Witches and Wine Event
Janky Gear, Kismet, and Refashion
Thursday, Oct. 27th, 4 to7 pm


Janky Gear will be offering wine from Trail Box, a boxed wine company, that promotes adventure. Trail Box Chardonnay or  Red Blend will be paired with decadent trail mix from CostCo. 

Stop at all three consignment shops for refreshments and deals! 

Janky Gear, Kismet and Refashion are 2 miles apart on North Broadway.