Consignment Update Feb 2024: Seasonally Neutral

Consignment Update Feb 2024: Seasonally Neutral

January 25, 2024

 No longer accepting Winter items.

As we roll into February, we're aiming to clear our Winter gear inventory. Given the unusual season, Winter items have experienced sluggish sales. Consequently, we've decided to discontinue accepting Winter gear for the season. While we focus on selling out our remaining Winter items, we're not yet prepared to introduce Spring and Summer items. Starting March 2nd we will be in full-on Spring consignment mode and ready for all your Spring and Summer gear.

What's selling right now at Janky Gear?

Currently, Items classified as "Seasonally Neutral" are selling best at Janky Gear. These are products that remain in our closets and gear storage throughout the year. With unpredictable weather, customers are playing it safe and purchasing items that they know they will use no matter what the temperature.

Seasonally Neutral Items

Go through your Spring and Summer Gear Early

This mid-winter lull is the perfect time to go through your Spring and Summer gear. Start planning your trips, book the campsites, and start dreaming about your next adventure. Create your gear list and see what you have, what you can consign at Janky Gear, and what items you need. Here are a few questions to ask yourself while going through your gear. After you've identified a few things to pass on, make a pile to bring to Janky Gear on March 2nd!

Gear clean out questions:

1. Does it fit right?

2. Have I used in the past 2 years?

3. Do I enjoy my time outdoors while using this?

4. Have I upgraded and this is an extra now?