April Consignment Update

April Consignment Update

March 31, 2023

It is officially Spring! Time to clean out the garage and gear up for your summer trips! Be sure to bring the extra gear that you no longer use to Janky Gear to sell on consignment. Janky Gear accepts outdoor gear that is clean, in good working order, and free of dog hair.

Top Selling Spring Items:

5. Hiking pants

Quick dry, light-weight hiking pants are in high demand. "Convertible" or zip-off styles are hot items, not just for dorky middle-aged dads, but are now popular among younger customers, ages 15 to 25.

4. Camp Stoves

Customers jump at a good deal on a camp stove! At Janky Gear, we accept everything from old school Coleman Stoves to top-of-the-line UL stoves. 

3. Life Jackets

Personal Floatation Devices - life jackets, sell fast at Janky Gear. Life jackets should be 10 years or newer, free of rips and patches and zippers and buckles must be in working order. Life vests must have a USCG Rating on the label. 

2. Backpacking packs - 45 liters or more

Consign internal and external framed packs! Janky Gear accepts older vintage packs that are in good working order, as well as current ultra-lite packs.

1. One and Two - Man Tents

1 and 2-man backpacking tents. Customers at Janky Gear are looking for tents for backpacking, bike packing, and kayak packing, which requires smaller lightweight tents.