Meet the New Owners: Leanne and Mark Kruse

Meet the New Owners: Leanne and Mark Kruse

June 28, 2024

Dear Janky Gear Community,

We are excited to introduce you to the new owners of Janky Gear, Leanne and Mark Kruse! As we embark on this new chapter, we wanted to take a moment to share a bit about who they are, their backgrounds, and their vision for Janky Gear.

Meet Mark: A Passionate Arborist and Outdoor Enthusiast

Mark, originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, has always been captivated by the natural beauty of his surroundings. His career as a certified arborist at Winona State University reflects his commitment to the environment and conservation. Mark’s enthusiasm for gear and outdoor activities is unparalleled, making him a perfect fit for Janky Gear. Whether it's climbing trees or exploring trails, Mark’s adventurous spirit shines through in everything he does.

Meet Leanne: An Advocate for Thrifting and Sustainability

Leanne hails from the sunny shores of Australia but has called the Midwest home since 2016. After quickly having to adapt to the colder climate over here, she has become a staunch advocate for thrifting and investing in high-quality gear that could with stand the elements. Her passion for sustainability and reuse culture is at the heart of her vision for Janky Gear. Leanne believes in making outdoor adventures accessible and affordable for everyone, while promoting a culture of environmental stewardship.

A Journey that Began in Norway

Leanne and Mark’s story began in the stunning landscapes of Norway, where they met while studying abroad. This experience not only ignited their love for each other but also deepened their passion for the outdoors. From hiking the fjords to exploring the scenic beauty of Norway, their adventures together laid the foundation for their future endeavors. Since their time in Norway, Leanne and Mark have traveled all over, collecting memories and experiences. They embarked on epic road trips sleeping in their Subaru Legacy across the United States, discovering hidden gems and national parks along the way. They lived in Australia, where they snorkeled and surfed the pristine beaches and embraced the coastal lifestyle.

Our Family and Community

Leanne and Mark, along with their two young boys, Oliver (4) and August (1) now live in Winona. Their family loves getting outside and enjoying nature no matter the weather and share their home with their four beloved chickens and old dog, Sunny. You’ll often find them foraging for mushrooms, fly fishing in the driftless or trying to identify the bird call they just heard. The Kruse family is excited for their next greatest adventure of being part of the Janky Gear community.

A Vision for Janky Gear

Together with their two boys, Leanne and Mark are committed to continuing and expanding upon Janky Gear’s mission. They are excited to bring their unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication to the store. The Kruses plan to introduce new initiatives aimed at fostering a community of outdoor enthusiasts who value sustainability and adventure. From hosting workshops to organizing community events, they are eager to engage with the Janky Gear family and promote a culture of reuse and environmental responsibility.

Join us in welcoming Leanne and Mark Kruse to the Janky Gear community! We are confident that their leadership will bring fresh ideas and renewed energy to the store, ensuring that Janky Gear remains a beloved hub for affordable, quality outdoor gear.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we journey forward together!