Sell Your Winter Gear on Consignment at Janky Gear

Skis and ski boots available for sale and for consignment on october 1st 2022.

August 19, 2022

Winter is fast approaching and we will be flipping the shop to the Winter season on October 1st. That is when you can bring in your Winter specific gear to sell on consignment.

What do we consider Winter Gear?

Jackets, snow pants, bibs. base layers, sweaters, carves, hats, gloves and mittens.

Alpine and Nordic skis, snowboards, and equipment. Goggles with no scratches. Snowshoes. Ski/Snowboard helmets that are new and have never been used. Must have helmet tags/packaging.

Ice fishing poles, tackle, human power augers.

What we will not accept on consignment:

- Down hill skis older than 5 years.

**Each year ski manufacturers create a list of bindings that they will "indemnify." This is a list that manufactures will warranty and support. Manufacturers are not held liable for bindings that are no longer indemnified. Therefore, certified ski technicians will not work on any skis that are not indemnified. For this reason, Janky Gear will not accept skis over 5 years old. Read more on "Indemnified bindings" at

- We will not accept 3-pin cross country skis without boots. Boots must be in good condition.

- Ski/Snowboard helmets that have been worn. Helmets can be damaged without showing any signs of damage on the shell. Janky Gear cannot accept used helmets for safety reasons.