The Girlie Traveler's Personal Hygiene Kit

The Girlie Traveler's Personal Hygiene Kit

April 29, 2023

For most women, getting their period anywhere but home is a hassle, getting it in the backcountry is next level. Many plan trips around "the time of the month" but often it is unavoidable and putting the body in a new environment with new people can definitely trigger your cycle to begin earlier than usual.

Well, it helps to be prepared even when you think you are safe. When I travel or backpack, I always bring a kit. These are the supplies for me and/or anyone else in my group caught off guard. This guide will help travelers, backpackers, and campers navigate getting their period in unknown places. 


Girlies' Ultimate Travel Guide for Menstruation- Build the Kit.

Traveling in the unknown is hard for women. Where is the next bathroom? Where can I dispose of a few desecrate items? How can I manage this basic aspect of life? It is amazing that this is still an issue in some areas. Create a small kit that will help you to forget the "issue" of being a woman. 

1. Tampons/Pads

As a female, you have a good idea how many products you will need per day. Bring that amount and then add a few more for a change in cycle, your friend starter her cycle early and, and for a lingering period.

While camping you may experience a change in stress, diet, and physical activiy which can affect your mentstral cycle. 

2. Extra Underwear

You never know. Just be safe.

3. Small Bag of Wipes

You must carry out any wipes you bring in. Wipes are helpful if you are susceptible to UTIs. Put these items into a bag and pack with the bear back.

4. Plastic Bag to dispose of items when you can throw away.

I always carry a plastic ziploc to dispose of famine products.  I sometimes conceal a small quart size bag with duct tape to hide products inside. But in reality, it doesn't matter. 

5. Hand Sanitizer

If you are in a place where you can't dispose of femine products, you probably don't have soap. Stay clean.

6. 1/4 Roll of Toilet Paper

If you are traveling anywhere outside the US, bring a small roll of TP. You never know where you will find yourself in need and TP is pretty common only in America.

7. Bandana- Pee Rag

This is a piggy-back off #6. If you are backpacking, we recommend bringing a bandana. This can act act as a pee rag. The pee rag can is a wipe that can be tied to your pack. 



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