Trailtopia Review

Trailtopia Review

August 24, 2022

Here at Janky Gear, we are committed to ensuring that the quality of our products are top-tier. Sometimes, this means trying out products for ourselves. And no, this doesn’t mean we go around trying around the nice pair of underpants you’re thinking about buying. Instead, we try to focus on items in greater quantity, and can be disposed of after use. Last week, a Janky Gear employee cooked and reviewed a Trailtopia meal. Trailtopia is a dehydrated meal made for camping and on-the-trail feasts. 

Ian, Website Assistant, Janky Gear 

Meal: Pesto Chicken Pasta

5/5 Janky Stars 

When I first saw this meal, I made a lot of speculations about its taste. My first judgment was that it probably tasted like astronaut food: bland, probably solidified, and chalky. I was surprised to find out though, that it was very different from the typical astronaut meal. One could even say it tasted like it was home-cooked. I find it shocking to see how these meals last so long, but can taste so good. Usually, you have to sacrifice one or the other. 

I found the preparation of the meal to be quite innovative, as the bag used a zip-loc technology to reseal the bag for steam cooking. This could also be used for saving your food for later! The bag also used reflective material to insulate the heat, and cook the food faster. Being that I am a science geek, I found this to be unique and thoughtful. 

Finally, the portions were quite large. I’m 6’4” and18 years old and have the  appetite to prove it. Even this was a ton for me. I can definitely say this is a 2 person meal. 

A few notes for preparation: do read the instructions first; don’t look to them only when you need help. I made the mistake of leaving the “DO NOT EAT” packet in my meal. Also, the proper measurements should be followed, as adding too much boiling water can lead to a sort of soupy mix.